About different types of candles


Today, there are candles for every occasion and literally thousands of different candles from which to choose. Listed below are non-technical descriptions of the most common types of candles used by consumers.

Taper: A slender candle, typically 6-18 inches in height, to be held securely upright by a candle holder. Sometimes referred to as a dinner candle.

Votive: A small cylindrical candle, usually about 1.5 inches in diameter and 2 or 2.5 inches tall, which is placed in a glass cup to hold the liquefied wax that results from burning. Votives were originally produced as white unscented candles for religious ceremonies; they are now available in many colors and scents. Votive Candles

Pillar or Column: A rigid, self-standing candle that is thick in diameter, with one or more wicks. Despite the name, pillars or column candles can be round, square, hexagonal, etc., and are to be burned on a heat-resistant candle holder. Unscented Pillars

Luminaria: An outdoor candle created by planting a 10 or 15-hour votive in a container filled with sand. 10-hour Votive Candle and 15-hour Votive Candle

Container or Filled: A candle that is poured into a special or decorative glass, tin or pottery container designed to withstand the heat.

Tea-light: A small cylindrical candle, usually about 1 inch in diameter and 1.5 inches tall, which is filled in its own holder, typically made of metal, but now available in clear plastic cups.

Specialty: An unusually shaped or sculpted free-standing candle, often painted to depict a three-dimensional object or designed to be viewed primarily as a decorative artwork.

Floating: A shallow candle with a smooth, slightly convex bottom designed specifically to float on water.

Wax tarts: Used with Tart Burners/Melters. A small non-wicked candle that contains fragrance. The tart is placed at the top of the burner and a tea light candle is used at the bottom of burner to generate the heat required to melt the tart. Once the tart is melted, the fragranced is released.