3×12 Unscented Square Pillar Candle

3×12 Unscented Square Pillar Candle

3×12 Unscented Square Pillar Candle

Price: $15.50

3x12 Square Pillar Candle comes unscented and in white or ivory in color - For a more formal presentation, try square candles in lieu of round. Square pillar candles make a classy statement as wedding candles, tablescaping or for home or special event.

Square pillars make interesting groupings when staggered in different heights and turned at varying angles. Group in odd numbers for a more visually pleasing effect. Square candles are easy to dress up or decorate to match your event, color scheme or special event.

This Square candle is 3"Wide x 3"Deep x 12"Tall and hand-poured in the U.S.A.


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